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This tutorial will explain, step-by-step, how to play Texas Hold ‘em. This is an example of a $5-10 Pot Limit game. In most games, this means the minimum amount you have to bet in the first two betting rounds is $5, and $10 in the last two betting rounds. In this game, however, $5 indicates the size of the small blind and $10 is the size of the big blind always check when you sit down at a table what the limits and blind bets are. The minimum bet in all rounds for this game is $10 (except when you’re the small blind and it’s $5, but if you want to stay in the game, you’ll have to put in another $5 to equalize the bet to $10 (unless somebody raised, in which case you’ll have to put in more).

Because it’s a Pot Limit game, you can raise as high as the size of the pot (that includes the pot plus all the bets made before you in that betting round). At PokerStars, where this game is being played, they make it easy for beginners to know how little and how much you can wager, so don’t be intimidated from playing if you’re not sure how much to bet. They will tell you the minimum you have to bet and the maximum, so there isn’t any guessing on your part, making this site so good to learn how to play.

If you’ve been playing only Limit games and you’re thinking about trying something different, they have lots of free tables where you can practice Pot Limit and No Limit games before using real money. (They do have Limit games as well, which they call ‘Fixed’ games.) Just as long as you don’t play hands you shouldn’t be in, Pot Limit games are a great way to boost your bankroll.

A. End of the previous game

We’re following the player named MizVino, who has $270 in chips.

1. We’ll start our tutorial at the end of the previous game so you can see what happens to the dealer button and understand the flow of the game. The dealer button is the yellow disk with a ‘D’ on it (in front of Requiem69) and represents the theoretical position of the dealer. HEY64YOU just sat down during this last hand and will have to pay the big blind amount before they can play, regardless that they’re not sitting in the seat that’s supposed to post the big blind. Or, if they want, they can sit out that hand and future hands until they are the big blind and pay it then. It’s up to you if you want to play right away or wait until you’re the big blind the computer will ask you after you’ve taken a seat and a new game starts if you want to sit out and wait or pay the big blind right away to start playing.

Texas Holdem Table


2. After each game, the dealer button moves one person to the left. If HEY64YOU had been sitting there since before the last hand and had already paid to play, the button would be in front of them. However, because they just sat down, they are not given the dealer button and it’s given to thebigdozer instead.

Texas Holdem Table


B. Pre-flop: the first betting round

3. Blinds are wagered at the beginning of a game to get the action started. The first player to the left of the player with the dealer button is the first to act by posting the small blind. Joeszy is sitting this game out, so the next active player who has to post the small blind is MizVino. In this $5-10 game, the small blind is $5, so MizVino has to put $5 in the pot. They’re called blind bets because, as you can see in the photo, the person has to make the bet before looking at their cards.

Texas Holdem Table


4. The next active player to the left must pay the big blind. At this $5-10 table, it’s $10.

Texas Holdem Table


5. Normally the player to the left of the big blind is next to act, but in this example, the action jumps to HEY64YOU first because they just joined the table and have to pay the big blind in order to play. The action then goes back to the person next to the big blind and continues clockwise around the table until everyone has put the same amount of chips in the pot to match the bet (this is referred to as ‘equalizing the bets’). When the action comes to them, a player can fold, bet the amount of the current bet, or raise (in Pot Limit games, you can raise as much as the size of the current pot).

Texas Holdem Table


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