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No poker site is complete without mention of strip poker it easily beats No-Limit Hold ‘em as the most exciting game you’ll ever play with cards. Strip poker isn’t a poker variant, but a method of betting where you wager articles of clothing until you or your opponents, or, ideally, all of you, are buck naked. There are countless ways to play the game, but don’t be limited to what you read here it’s fine to make up your own rules to suit your needs. This is one game where ‘playing for the nuts’ is a whole different ballgame (puns definitely intended). 


You can play any poker variant as strip poker, but some are better suited than others. When deciding which betting format and game you’re going to play, you should first consider how quickly you want you or your opponents to disrobe. If you want to get naked quickly, and you’re using clothing for each bet, play games with a lot of betting rounds, like Hold ‘em; if you’re using chips and the loser takes their clothes off at the end of the hand, play a faster game with less betting intervals. You can also raise the antes if you want the game to move faster. Conversely, if you want the game to last longer, limit the number of raises per betting interval to one or two (it’s usually three or four). If you want to play a slow, seductive game, Five-Card Draw is a good choice.

Here are the different ways you can play:

1. The person with the lowest hand takes an article of clothing off. Whoever has the lowest-ranked hand takes off how many number of articles of clothing that was wagered. While playing the hand, players can either keep track in their heads how many pieces of clothing have been wagered or you can play with chips. It’s not as common for people to take their clothes off as they bet during the hand the clothes normally come off at the end. Again, this is totally up to you how you want to play.

2. All of the players who don’t win have to take an article of clothing off. This really speeds the game up.

3. The winner decides who takes their clothes off. Maybe they even help them take it off… (Just giving you some ideas!)

4. Play the game with a set number of chips, and when a player runs out, they have to remove an article of clothing in order to buy more chips. This way is the slowest of the versions mentioned here, but it’s also the style of many online strip poker games.

Once somebody is totally nude, if you want to keep them in the game, have them play ‘Truth or Dare’ if they lose the hand. The winner implements the truth or dare whichever the loser picks. Because people tend to choose ‘Truth’ more than ‘Dare,’ limit the number of times they can choose ‘Truth’ to twice in a row. Have an alternative action for those who are unwilling to answer their ‘Truth’ or do their ‘Dare’ a shot of something strong, like Tequila, is a good substitution (especially if they’re being prudish).

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Regardless of what you read in the introduction, the cardinal rule of strip poker that should never be broken is: you can’t put clothes back on once they’ve been wagered! Every other rule here you can modify, but never, ever this one.

At the beginning of the game, to keep things fair, you should make sure everyone has the same number of clothes they can wager. You also need to establish what counts as a point to wager will you allow socks to count as one point per sock or only one point for a pair? Also, everyone has to agree if small items like jewelry and hair accessories can be used. If you allow them to be wagered, it might take a long time for heavily ornate people or those with multiple piercings to get naked, so depending on your situation, you might want to ban these items from being used.

If you want to improve your poker game so you can beat your opponents and get them naked fast, visit and play forfree! They’re one of the oldest poker sites on the net, so they’re always busy (there’s nothing worse than waiting for people to sit at your table, which can happen on less-busy sites). Or if you’ve been invited to a strip poker game and want to make sure you’re not the first one wearing their birthday suit, it is highly recommended that you sign up with and get as much practice as you can. They have friendly, live support 24-7 if you have any problems with downloading their easy-to-install software or any other concern with playing on their site.



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