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Razz is played the similarly to Seven-Card Stud, except that the lowest-ranked hand wins (in this case, it’s the strongest hand). Just like Seven-Card Stud, every player is dealt seven cards: four face-up and three face-down.

The dealing and betting structure is similar to Seven-Card Stud High, except for a few changes:

  1. the high card makes the forced bet during the first round (Aces are low, making them the high card)
  2. on all other rounds, the highest-ranking hand bets first
  3. straights and flushes do not have a ranking, which means:
  4. the highest-ranked hand is 5-4-3-2-A (a wheel or bike)
  5. the betting limit is not influenced by an open pair.

Learning to identify low hands is hard for some players to get a handle on since they’re so trained to identify high-ranking hands. The best way to get rid of this habit is by getting as much practice playing low poker as you can. PokerStars has Seven-Card Stud High-Low tables that you can play for free. This is an excellent opportunity for you to rapidly gain experience in identifying low-ranking hands.


These rules apply in addition to general poker rules, so be sure to read that section as well.

  1. Unless otherwise noted, all of the rules for Seven-Card Stud are applicable in Razz.
  2. The lowest-ranked hand wins the pot. Straights and flushes don’t have any ranking, except for a wheel (or bike), 5-4-3-2-A, which is the highest-ranking hand in Razz. Aces are low and as such, they’re the high card.
  3. The action begins with the highest-ranking card by suit placing a forced bet. On all remaining rounds, the player with the lowest-ranking hand bets first. If there is a tie for low hand, the player closest to the dealer’s left bets first.
  4. The betting structure in fixed-limit games is as follows:
    1. lower limit on the 1st and 2nd betting rounds (Third and Fourth Streets)
    2. higher limit on the 3rd and 4th betting rounds (Sixth and Seventh Streets/the River)

    The limit can not be changed by open pairs.

  5. The first time pairs appear, the dealer must announce it except for facecard pairs.

Click here to view our section on Razz strategy.

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