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Another factor you need to consider before staying in a hand is the pot odds and the odds against your hand. To figure out the pot odds, compare the size of the pot and the size of the current bet it’s like weighing the reward (the size of the pot) to the risk (the bet). If the size of the pot is $18 and the bet is $3, the pot odds are $18 to $3, or 6 to 1. You then compare the odds against your hand to the pot odds, and if the odds against the hand are higher, you should fold.

For example, if the pot odds are 6 to 1 and the odds against your hand are 11 to 1, you should fold. However, if the pot odds are 6 to 1 and the odds against your hand is only 4 to 1, you should stay in the game as you have a greater chance of winning more often.

Be sure to check out the hand odds for Texas Hold ‘em, Stud and Draw.

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