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Bluffing online is subject to the same criteria used in live games that you should consider before trying to bluff take a look at our bluffing page for more information on general bluffing. But there are other things you need to think about before bluffing online that don’t come into play in live games. For starters, you might think that bluffing online is easier since the other players can’t see your face (and possible complete lack of a poker face), but the opposite holds true: successfully bluffing online is more difficult. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bluff at all when playing online! You should still attempt at least one bluff so your opponents don’t think you’re a tight, predictable player, otherwise they’ll fold immediately (if they’re good players) when they see you betting high or raising as they think you only play strong hands. Be aware of the following tips when trying to bluff online:

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In Limit games (especially ones with low stakes), the price of bets is kept low, so it wouldn’t cost a player too many chips to call your bluff and stay in the game. It’s hard to get people in these games to fold when it’s so cheap to stay in. In Pot-Limit and No-Limit games, the cost of a bet can rise dramatically, making it too expensive for some players to stay in the pot and forcing them to fold if they have only average or above-average hands. You’ll have more luck bluffing in these games. Also, as in live games, beginner players tend to play lower-stakes tables, and new players are known to call bets more than they should, making them very hard to bluff. That said, you should keep your bluffing to a minimum since you’ll be called more and will end up losing too many chips.


It may sound strange, but bluffing beginner players is harder than bluffing experienced ones. As already mentioned, beginner players play loose and call too many hands that they should have folded. Avoid bluffing tables with loose players as you’ll be called too much to successfully bluff your opponents and lose lots of chips in the process. Bluff judiciously with loose players if only to mix your play up and establish yourself as an unpredictable player.

If you find yourself at a table with tight players, you have a better chance of pulling off a bluff with these individuals. Experienced players are also more aware of your actions and will fold if they think your hand is better than theirs.

If you want to try your luck at online bluffing, visit Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker where you can play against players of various abilities. They also have free tables so you can practice bluffing without losing any money. is always busy and you won’t have to wait to find an exciting table to join. have realistic graphics which help create an actual casino environment.

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