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Multi-table tournaments are scheduled at a set time and date and players must register and pay the registration fee (buy-in and entry fee) before the game starts. Once it starts, each player is given the same amount of chips and they’re assigned seats so that all of the seats in a table are filled. As players are eliminated, both in land and online games, players are reassigned seats so that as many seats in a table are filled. The winner is the player who wins all of the chips. The usual payout schedule is 50% to the winner, 30% to the player in second place and 20% to the player in third.

This is the format used in all of the big tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour, which have made it very popular. You can get lots of MTT practice at online poker sites, such as Poker Stars, who have tournaments of various games and buy-ins starting every few minutes. They’ve been online for over five years and their poker client is very user-friendly perfect for online poker beginners and experts alike! This is a great way to practice your tournament and general poker skills. Also, you get amazing value from your initial registration fee as you can play for hours (even days!) without spending any more money (unless you’re in a buy-in tournament and purchase more chips).

The size of the prize pool is the sum of all of the players’ buy-ins, so if more players register, you stand to win more money. This is one advantage that MTTs have over single table tournaments: the prize pool money is usually much larger. However, your chances of making it to the final table and finishing high enough to win money are much harder in MTTs since you’re playing way more people.

To help you make it to that final table, be sure to look at our strategy section. And definitely get lots of practice in playing online MTTs!

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