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Let It Ride strategy is very straightforward and easy to remember. You should know that when playing Let It Ride, you’re not playing against the house or other players you’re just trying to get a hand that qualifies for a payout. That said, a 10 worth as much as an Ace as both cards will give you the same payout. You don’t need to concentrate on winning poker hands, but on winning qualifying hands (a pair of 10s or better).

Let It Ride is similar to Five-Card Stud, but in Five-Card Stud, you’re given two cards initially, and in Let It Ride, you’re given three. This gives you more information to work with so you know the possible value of your hand from the start. But regardless of how weak your hand is, you can’t get all of your chips back and you must forfeit your wager in the third betting circle. However, if you have at least a pair of 10s in your first three cards, you’re guaranteed a payout of some kind (unlike in Five-Card Stud) and you don’t need to worry about your hand qualifying you’ll get a payout on all three of your bets. This leaves us with the question of what strategy you should implement to decide which hands to move your bets and which ones to ‘let ride?’ This can be broken into two types of hands: three-card hands and four-card hands. If you use the following strategies, the house advantage for the game is about 3.5%.


You should let your first bet ride if you have the following hands:

  1. A pair of 10s or higher
  2. Three-of-a-kind
  3. Three cards for a Royal Flush (for example, a K-Q-J of the same suit)
  4. Three cards for a Straight Flush (for example, 5-4-3 of the same suit)
  5. Three cards for a flush, with two high cards (10 or stronger),and a chance for a straight (for example, K-J-9 of the same suit). Not only is there a possibility you’ll pair the King or Jack, but you might get a Queen and a 10 to finish the straight.
  6. Three cards of the same suit for a possible flush with at least one high card, if an extra card can create an open-ended straight (such as a J-9-8 of the same suit). If the dealer’s first community card is a 10, then you have an open-ended straight with two opportunities left to make a straight on either end (for example, Q-J-10-9-8 or J-10-9-8-7). You also have two high cards that could pair and give you a payout. If the fourth card is of the same suit, you have a chance to create a flush.
  7. Three cards for an open-ended straight with three high cards of any suit. If one of your high cards is an Ace and you hold A-K-Q, give up your bet as you no longer have a chance for an open-ended straight.


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If you don’t have any of these hands, you should forfeit your first bet. Even though you have two more cards coming your way, hands other than those are not worth betting three times with.

Hands you should avoid are those that have small pairs anything under a pair of 10s. In the longterm, you’ll lose more money playing these if you bet all three times with them. At least give up your first bet.


You should leave your second bet alone (let it ‘ride’) if you have the following hands:

  1. A pair of 10s or higher
  2. Two pair
  3. Three-of-a-kind
  4. Four-of-a-kind
  5. Any four high cards
  6. Four cards for a Royal Flush
  7. Four cards for a Straight Flush
  8. Four cards for a Flush
  9. An open-ended straight with at least one high card (10 or higher)


Let It Ride has an extra bonus for a dollar don’t bother with it! The house advantage is a staggering 13 to 37%! You’re more or less donating the dollar to the casino it’s not worth it!

The following table shows the odds of being dealt each hand in Let It Ride:


High Card

1 to 1

One Pair

1 ½  to 1

Two Pairs

20 to 1

Three of a Kind

46 to 1


250 to 1


500 to 1

Full House

700 to 1

Four of a Kind

4150 to 1

Straight Flush

65,000 to 1

Royal Flush

649,750 to 1


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